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Our Modest Background

Our journey so far

Legalstone Solicitors was initially established as a private partnership, operating in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ghana, and registered under the distinguished registration number C0007120044. The firm subsequently obtained licensing approval from the esteemed General Legal Council, enabling it to provide a comprehensive range of legal services to clients.

At present, Legalstone Solicitors operates under the structure of a Private Unlimited Liability Company, denoted by the registration number CU000420822. This legal entity is solely dedicated to offering exceptional legal services, equipped with a team of highly skilled professionals committed to delivering excellence in the field of law. With an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and a robust understanding of legal intricacies, Legalstone Solicitors stands as a reliable and trusted provider of legal expertise.

What makes Legalstone Solicitors different?

What sets us apart

Legalstone Solicitors is undoubtedly a top tier boutique law firm in Ghana, uniquely positioned to help clients achieve their business needs. Our client focus approach to legal services means that you are assured of technical savvy and reliable legal assistance that guarantees the best results. We leverage our talent, innovation and core values to sustain our client’s business needs in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Our firm’s focus is to be the best at providing clients with quality and unmatched legal services and to pursue the delivery of outstanding results for our clients relentlessly.

We hold ourselves responsible for our results, reflecting the commitment to our core values and mission: excellence, integrity, responsiveness, and honesty.

Our "Why"

What drives us

At Legalstone Solicitors, we prioritize truthfulness and loyalty as the cornerstone of our client relationships. Our commitment to maintaining the security and confidentiality of our clients’ information is a fundamental aspect of our practice, distinguishing us as Legalstone Solicitors.

Our firm embodies the values and qualities that discerning clients seek in a reputable law firm. We are genuinely committed, deeply rooted in honesty and integrity, and this is reflected in every aspect of our operations. By upholding these principles, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and deliver exceptional legal services.

When clients choose Legalstone Solicitors, they align themselves with a firm that places their best interests at the forefront. We recognize the trust placed in us by our clients and are unwavering in our efforts to maintain and strengthen that trust. Our commitment to transparency, reliability, and ethical standards ensures that every interaction and service we provide is of the highest caliber.

In an ever-changing legal landscape, Legalstone Solicitors remains steadfast in delivering unparalleled legal expertise while upholding our core values. Our clients can expect not only exceptional legal representation but also a profound commitment to their well-being. By choosing Legalstone Solicitors, clients gain a trusted partner who embodies honesty, loyalty, and unwavering integrity, and who is dedicated to serving their legal needs with utmost professionalism and care.

Our Expertise

Unleashing legal excellence

International Arbitration

Other practical ways of resolving disputes out of court
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Gaming Law

Practical, efficient and cost effective services for the gaming industry
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Corporate & Commercial Services

Full scale service on all corporate and commercial legal matters
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Energy & Natural Resources Practice

The Energy & Natural Resources Sector of the Ghanaian Economy
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Dispute & Litigation Practice

Effective and swift litigation practice in Ghana
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Family Law Practice

Family and Matrimonial Matters, Divorce, Adoption and Children’s Law
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Why Instruct Us

Our track record


We have the strength and technical wherewithal.


Our reputation is peerless and unmatched.


We have deep and long-lasting relationships with our clients and regulatory authorities.


Our clients have confidence in our expertise.


Our lawyers are tired and tested in their respective fields.


We provide partner-led advice.

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