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Corporate law deals with the formation and operations of corporations and is related to commercial and contract law. A corporation is a legal entity created under the laws of the Republic of Ghana. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their company formation within the Republic of Ghana provides them with limited liability and tax efficiency.

We provide advice on the set up of various corporate entities including Limited Liability Companies, Companies Limited by Guarantees, Partnerships, Trusts, NGO’s, Charities, Societies and other Special Purpose Vehicles(SPV) in Ghana and abroad. We are also able to provide our Clients with registered office in the central business district of Accra and at the same time monitor their legal obligations and be on hand to assist when need be.

A corporation creates a legal or “artificial person” or entity that has the standing to sue and be sued, enter into contracts and perform other duties necessary to maintain a business separate from its shareholders. The firm helps our clients in setting up wholly owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and also provides all kinds of litigation to support investment-related disputes.

At Legalstone Solicitors, we ensure that registered institutions meet the corporate compliance regime of the Republic of Ghana. These laws include the following;

  1. The Companies Act, 2019 (Act 992)
  2. Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act, 2013 (Act 865)

The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act, 2013 (Act 865) provides among others, that an enterprise in which foreign participation is permitted shall after its incorporation or registration under the Companies Act and before the commencement of operations be registered with the Centre.

Our outfit ensures, that business with foreign participation meets this clear provisions of the law to enable them to operate their business with ease.

Our corporate law professionals are well experienced in the legal formation of corporations in the Republic of Ghana. Our expert attorneys also construct the following:

  • Joint Ventures
  • Licensing arrangements
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Business Agreements
  • Preparation of commercial instruments including leasing, outsourcing, supply and distribution agreements.

Our team of specialist lawyers also advise on Foreign Direct Investments and compliance within the general legislative framework of Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act, 2013 (Act 865), the Free Zones Act, 1945 (Act 504) and other investment related laws in Ghana.

We also provide Company Secretarial services.

Our Promise to You

Our mission is to provide our clients with technical savvy and reliable legal services that guarantee the best results. In addition, we seek to leverage our talent, innovation, and core values to sustain our client’s business needs.

We endeavour to handle each case with integrity and honesty coupled with the client’s focus leading to unmatched legal services and the pursuit of the delivery of outstanding results for our clients relentlessly.

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