Technology Transfer Agreements are entered into between enterprises in Ghana (referred to as the Transferee) and enterprises outside Ghana (referred to as the Transferor). The provisions of every technology transfer agreement in Ghana must conform to and are governed by the following laws:

  • The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act, 2013 (Act 865)
  • The Technology Transfer Regulations, 1992 (L.I. 1547).

Under Act 865, all Technology Transfer Agreements must be reviewed and registered by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, which is the agency of the Ghanaian government responsible for among others, the registration and monitoring of all technology transfer agreements in Ghana.

Subject to the Foreign Exchange Act, 2006 (Act 723) an enterprise is guaranteed unconditional transferability in freely convertible currency of fees and charges in respect of a technology transfer agreement registered under the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act.

We advise clients on the all aspects relating to the processing and registration of technology transfer agreements. We have in-depth knowledge in the drafting and review of technology transfer agreements towards a successful registration.