Minerals and Mining Law

Legalstone Solicitors LLP provide solid legal services in the Minerals and Mining sector of the Ghanaian economy including:

  • Assisting companies to acquire mineral rights for the purposes of prospecting, exploration or mining for a mineral within the Jurisdiction of Ghana from the Mineral Commission.
  • Assisting companies to obtain the requisite approvals and or licenses from the Water Resources Commission for purposes of or ancillary to the Mineral operations, obtain, divert, impound, convey and use water from a river, stream, underground reservoir or watercourses within the land, the subject matter of the mineral rights.

  • Assisting holders of Mineral Rights to obtain the necessary approval and permit required from the Forestry Commission and Environmental Protection Agency for the purposes of excising their rights under a mineral right and for the protection of the natural resources.
  • Purchases, transfers, Leases and other conveyance transactions for Minerals and Mining sector.
  • Structuring and creation of business entities such as Partnerships, Limited Companies, Joint ventures, joint ownerships for the Minerals and Mining Sector.
  • Legal advice and negotiating settlements for Minerals and Mining related disputes, preparation of settlement agreements as well as undertaking commercial litigation.
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