Legalstone Solicitors LLP provide solid legal services in the Minerals and Mining sector of the Ghanaian economy including:

  • Assisting companies to acquire mineral rights for the purposes of prospecting, exploration or mining for a mineral within the Jurisdiction of Ghana from the Mineral Commission.
  • Assisting companies to obtain the requisite approvals and or licenses from the Water Resources Commission for purposes of or ancillary to the Mineral operations, obtain, divert, impound, convey and use water from a river, stream, underground reservoir or watercourses within the land, the subject matter of the mineral rights.
  • Assisting holders of Mineral Rights to obtain the necessary approval and permit required from the Forestry Commission and Environmental Protection Agency for the purposes of exercising their rights under a mineral right and for the protection of the natural resources.
  • Purchases, transfers, Leases and other conveyance transactions for Minerals and Mining sector.
  • Structuring and creation of business entities such as Partnerships, Limited Companies, Joint ventures, joint ownerships for the Minerals and Mining Sector.
  • Legal advice and negotiating settlements for Minerals and Mining related disputes, preparation of settlement agreements as well as undertaking commercial litigation.


Due diligence is one of the most important aspects of what we do. Although carrying out due diligence brings a lot of challenges, especially in this technology era, it’s one of the major aspects where we use stringent procedures. This tells you that when we offer a prospect to you, it will meet most if not all of your practical requirements.

Legalstone Solicitors LLP has what it takes to undertake extensive due diligence studies on License Gold Export (LGE) companies in Ghana. Our due diligence study is intended to avoid dealing with pseudo companies and also to avoid been scammed in the gold industry in Ghana. Aside intense visits to the regulatory authorities seeking for relevant information on the companies involved, we also explore digital tools available to us through the internet to come to informed decisions on companies.

We carry out background searches on companies that seek to work with our clients. We check their registration and license status with institutions such as the Registrar General’s Department and the Minerals Commission of Ghana as well as if necessary the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and other relevant regulatory government agencies.

Our main objective is to protect our clients’ time and resources by not offering opportunities that aren’t real or where the procedures aren’t right.

In our proficiency, both buyers and sellers, most often than not, want to safeguard their identities until they ensure that the other side is bound for business. We make it a point therefore, to become unbiased mediators who will continue to observe the development of an agreement and continue to perform due diligence at every point of the process.

We further explore the process and keep you updated on our discoveries so that there is a level of assurance that permits the agreement to advance.


As part of our services, we assist set up of License Gold Export (LGE) companies in Ghana. In setting up Gold export companies in Ghana, we first need to ensure the Registration with both principal institutions and other Legally required institutions in Ghana.

Ghana requires a particular method of setting up mineral purchasing and export company with a licence from the minerals commission to deal in gold trading and export.

The Minerals and Mining Act, 2006, as amended by the Minerals and Mining (Amendment) Act, 2015 (Act 900) provides succinctly, that a person shall not export or sell or otherwise dispose of a mineral unless that person holds a license granted by the Minister responsible for Mines and Natural Resources. A person here refers to a corporate entity established under the laws of the Republic of Ghana.

Therefore, any person be it a citizen or a foreigner who intends to engage in the purchase and export of minerals including gold must be granted a special licence by the Minerals Commission. To apply for the licence, a person must comply with the regulatory regime of these institutions in Ghana. These are

  • Registrar General’s Department
  • Ghana Investment Promotion Center
  • Minerals Commission of Ghana

We provide tailored made services by ensuring that entities meets all the required standards in the pursuit of their gold export license from the Minerals Commission in Ghana. We have the technical wherewithal and expertise to get the assigned work done in a record time.