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We offer a simple, effective and swift solution to the recovery of debt in Ghana. Our team of lawyers and experts have in-depth understanding of the laws and legal nuances for the recovery of debt owed clients be it an individual or a corporate entity.

Our debt recovery solicitors can issue an initial letter before the commencement of a court process to recover the amount due and owing. A letter before action is a formal letter written by our lawyers demanding for the payment of the debt owed your business and warns of an impending and unstoppable court action on failure to adhere to the moratorium granted for payments.

At Legalstone Solicitors, our letter before action sets out the following:

  1. Circumstances leading to the debt owed
  2. The amount involved
  3. The particulars of the debtor
  4. The particulars of the client
  5. Set time for payment usually 7 days’ moratorium

In some cases, the issuance of the letter before action may lead to settlement of the debt due and owed our client without necessitating further actions. We are a law firm, not a debt collection agency. We litigate based on clear instructions from clients if our letter of demand doesn’t result in payment.

Our debt recovery services include:

  • Commercial litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • A Letter Before Action (LBA), i.e Letters of Demand
  • Settling matters by way of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process
  • Obtaining and enforcing judgments by way of writs, installment orders, garnishment among others.
  • Assisting you and your business by drafting agreements to minimize the need for debt recovery actions.
  • Telephone collections and follow ups

Our Promise to You

Our mission is to provide our clients with technical savvy and reliable legal services that guarantee the best results. In addition, we seek to leverage our talent, innovation, and core values to sustain our client’s business needs.

We endeavour to handle each case with integrity and honesty coupled with the client’s focus leading to unmatched legal services and the pursuit of the delivery of outstanding results for our clients relentlessly.

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