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The criminal justice system of Ghana is not designed for accused persons to represent themselves in any forum. Any person arrested and or accused of having committed a criminal offence within the jurisdiction of Ghana needs an attorney to stand up for his rights, fight back against overzealous police officers and or prosecutors and obtain the best possible results as far as the charges proffered against him is concerned. This is exactly the hallmark of criminal defense attorneys of Legalstone Solicitors. We marshal all resources and effectively represents our clients before a judge and a jury with the sole aim of securing a favorable result for an accused person (our client).

The Constitution of the Republic of Ghana clearly dictates that, every person accused of a criminal offence shall be deemed innocent until proven guilty or has pleaded guilty. The law further requires an accused person to be tried within a reasonable time and more importantly demands that an accuse person shall be afforded a legal representation. This is fundamental to our practice as defense attorneys representing clients in our law courts. We put up a spirited defense to ensure that these basic tenets of the law are adhered to its logical conclusion and thereby in the process guaranteeing the fundamental human rights of our client.

We do not shy away from any case, no matter how large or small they may seem. We understand that being arrested is a frightening and helpless experience. More importantly being charged with a criminal offence and processed to appear before a judge. We avail ourselves and become part of the processes with the sole aim of securing the freedom of our client. This is why we pride ourselves on being accessible and available at all material times, 7 days a week to answer any questions you have regarding your case.

We are committed to individualized care, which is why we provide each client with our individual cell phone numbers in the event they have a question about their case. Our criminal defense attorneys strive to ensure that each client understands the confusing criminal justice system and also what strategies can be utilized to obtain the best possible result in their respective case(s).

Criminal defense law consists of legal protections afforded to people who have been accused of committing a crime. Our outfit ensures that an accused person is afforded sound legal representation and that his rights are effectively and completely protected as reasonably envisaged under the laws of the Republic of Ghana.

It must be noted as a fact that, law enforcement agencies and government prosecutors have extensive resources at their disposal. Without adequate representation for the accused person, the balance of power within the justice system of Ghana would become skewed in favour of the government. To this end and for the enforcement of the fundamental human rights of an accused person, our team of defense attorneys shall ensure effective mobilization of sound legal representation for an accused person, edging on the courts to adhere and uphold the basic rights of our client as stipulated in the various laws of the Republic.

Our services include:

  • Securing for client police enquiry bail pending investigations
  • Securing a release from jail pending trial
  • Plea bargaining strategies
  • Presenting a winning Defense to the judge and the jury

We try to imbibe our client with some basic codes of criminal justice system. This is something peculiar to our firm. We refer to it as Legalstone Standard Criminal Code (LSSCC). Our clients’ should always remember to adhere to these LSSCC once notified of being arrested or under investigations for any alleged criminal offense.

  • DO NOT speak with law enforcement officials without your criminal defense lawyer present. Everything you say can and will be used against you.
  • DO NOT make it any easier for the government to convict you. While it may be tempting to explain what occurred, always remember that law enforcement’s main objective is making an arrest and putting someone behind bars.
  • If you are contacted by law enforcement, politely tell them that you wish to remain silent and demand to speak with your criminal defense lawyer. It’s that simple.
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