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Civil disputes are disputes between private individuals and or organisations regarding differences surrounding parties’ respective legal rights and interests. Some legal rights are inherent, such as personal safety, ownership of property, personal integrity and reputation, while other rights arise out of agreements.

The difference or dispute is likely to center on a failure by one person to perform legal duties owed to another which harm the legal interests of that other person. Our excellent reputation is built upon our proficiency in litigation, our meticulous preparation and fearless commitment to our clients’ cases.

In civil litigation, the lawyer’s role is multi-faceted. At the initial consultation, the attorney helps an individual determine if they have standing to pursue claims brought against them. It is the work of the lawyer if the case showed more forward to begin the tedious process of gathering evidence and interviewing people about the case.

The lawyer is responsible for the preparation of all documents, including the statement of claim, defence, and witness statements among other pleadings

At Legalstone Solicitors, representing a client in a civil litigation suit is not just about seeing the best content, but it is also about ensuring that our client becomes a part of the processes.

Our attorneys have a proven history of achieving positive results for their clients. We have the knowledge stalls and experience to prevent your side in a compelling and persuasive manner.

Our lawyers are experienced and engineers an effective representation when the situation calls for litigation. We have represented clients in courts throughout Ghana at all levels, both at the lower and superior courts. We recognize that each case is different and tailor our litigation strategy to best fit our clients’ needs.

We work closely with our clients throughout the litigation process. Our goal at every material stage is to secure for our client, the best possible outcome.

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