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Our team of expert lawyers offer an opportunity for individuals including internationally mobile entrepreneurs as well as wealthy individuals and families to secure and or obtain the second residence through investments in any country. Together with our partner firm, Henley & Partners, we offer our citizenship-by-investment program to corporate clients and high net individuals seeking to obtain second residence of a country of his choice. Henley & Partners is the world’s largest and most important investment migration firm.

The concept of residency and citizenship planning was created by Henley & Partners in the 1990s at a time when most international lawyers and wealth planning professionals did not consider the subject to be of much relevance.

Over the years, Henley & Partners have emerged as the world’s leading firm specializing in and focused on this particular area of practice. International residence and citizenship planning have itself become a major topic among the increasing number of internationally mobile entrepreneurs as well as the many wealthy individuals and families who are interested in looking at an alternative residence and citizenship solutions.

Legalstone Solicitors is therefore uniquely positioned to assist internationally mobile-entrepreneurs as wells as wealthy individuals and families from Ghana and other West African Countries who are interested in looking at an alternative residence and citizenship solutions.

Together with our partners, we advise private clients and their close advisors on investment migration solutions. Our partner firm, Henley & Partners, is in contact with the government authorities of all relevant countries and constantly monitors the worldwide situation.


Our unique government advisory practice also assists in designing, implementing and operating investment migration programs and gives relevant advice to governments.

In addition to advising clients on the possibilities of acquiring resident status, permanent residence and citizenship-by-investment, members of the Residence and Citizenship Practice Group advise on the (re-)acquisition of citizenship based on ancestry as well as on residence planning for private clients with a view to post-immigration citizenship acquisition.

Residence planning for private clients involves finding solutions for individuals and families who move internationally, own property in different countries, and who often have complex international circumstances and exceptional personal requirements. We are poised to help such individuals navigate their way through this complex area of the law.

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